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How vow brown cow.


This past weekend, Brent and I enjoyed our first night out without Little Bit. We went to our friends’ wedding. I figured it wouldn’t be good to take an infant to a wedding, but then, when I saw all of the other babies, I was pretty upset that I didn’t have mine to show off, too- but that’s another story.

Anyway, Brent and I aren’t huge wedding fans. That’s probably why it wasn’t a big deal to us to not have a big wedding ourselves. I will say, this was one of my favorite ceremonies yet. I almost burst into tears a few times. (I’m not sure if it’s just the mommy hormones still raging or if it was really that much sweeter than normal.) Listening to their vows made me think about what I would say if I wrote my vows to Brent knowing now what I didn’t know 2 and a half years ago when we got married.

Here it goes…

Brent, I promise to love you forever. I don’t promise to always like you 100%. I promise to let you know when I’m mad, sad, happy, scared, worried, anxious and when I have to pee. I promise to attend as many men’s league basketball games as I can and I promise to attempt to actually watch them unless someone else is there to talk to.  I promise to listen to your opinion on decorating, but I don’t promise to follow it. I promise to think about making dinner each night, but I don’t promise that I will actually make it. I promise to always remember when your birthday is, even if I don’t remember how old you are. I promise to one day FINALLY figure out and sear in my brain if our anniversary is the 30th or 31st. I promise to take too many pictures, laugh at too many jokes, and make you watch an insane amount television that you pretend to hate, but I know deep down you love it. I will always laugh. I can’t say if it will be with you or at you, but I’ll laugh. I promise to keep your ego in check. I’ll build you up and I’ll also humble you- depending on what you need- usually the latter. I’ll always need you when needles are involved. I’ll love you when you are sick, even though you’re a pain. I’ll love you when you’re well for sure. I’ll love you when you’re poor, which seems to be our norm. I’ll love you when you’re rich- if you buy me something nice. 🙂 Mostly- I’ll love you. No matter what.