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National Coffee Day


Today is National Coffee Day. I usually don’t worry too much about all the different “celebrations” of food. It seems like every day is National Something Day. But coffee and I have a special relationship. Therefore, I must recognize it as a legitimate holiday.

Did you know Brent proposed to me in a Starbucks?

I also went into labor with Mason at a Starbucks.

One of those is a lie.

But really I just am a coffee-aholic. I’ve already had one today and I wouldn’t doubt that I will have another before the day is through. We are on vacation after all.

My drink of choice? Starbucks venti iced coffee, sweet with cream. Sometimes, I get a trenta. Actually, I’ve only done that a couple of times. I feel really ridiculous carrying that thing around.

I’m sure many of you are celebrating with one of those pumpkin spice things. Yuck. Pumpkin will be the death of me.


Go out and celebrate or enjoy a nice cup at home!




It’s finally here!


It’s finally here- time to move!

We will be moving into our new house on Friday! I am so excited!! Needless to say, it has been a little crazy around here this week.  I’m pretty sure Mason loves all the boxes that keep popping up everywhere.

He’s the only one. 🙂

In other news- my little brother is engaged!! I can’t believe it.

They are so cute.


Mom, Mason and I went to Henderson this weekend. So, he is completely spoiled. He’s always so good whenever other people are around and then when it is just the two of us at home, he acts like a crazy man. He also loves to do the opposite of whatever I tell someone he will do. He loves to make mommy a liar. All weekend, I would say, “Oh, Mason love to eat that” and he wouldn’t touch it.

He’s crazy. But we all knew that.

¡Hola! ¡Hola! ¡Hola!


Did ya miss me?? I’m sure you did…

Anyway, the cruise was great. We went to Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya. Now you know, so you don’t have to ask.

While we were gone my in-laws came down and dog sat for us and they also redid our bathroom. It is wonderful. I think I’ll invite them down more often… when I’m out of the country… (pretty sure they don’t read this, but just in case- You guys can come whenever you want :))

Cruises are super great. Everyone should go on one. I don’t think we will do another one next year, though. Three years in a row is enough for now.

It is also my little brother’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!! He refuses to read my posts, so he probably won’t see that anyway…

It is about to be a super busy month for us. We have to recover from cruise-mode, get ready for Brent’s friend to come visit, finish up VBS plans, and then head to Nashville for a wedding. Just a warning in case the posts slow down some over the summer. They probably won’t. I really love to talk…

Anyway, I’m planning a much more meaningful post later today, so stay tuned.