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*Before you read on I have to tell you, this isn’t a post about loving Twilight. So, if that’s what you were expecting, don’t.

I guess the new Twilight movie comes out today or yesterday or something. I don’t even know. All I know is that I am not seeing it. I have yet to even touch a Twilight book and my eyes have hardly even seen a movie trailer. I don’t ever plan on reading or seeing it either. I will admit that in a moment of weakness, I contemplated it. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. But, ultimately, I decided that I’ll stick to my vampire hating guns.

I mean- the vampires in the movies don’t even have fangs. They aren’t even attractive. Robert Pattinson makes me gag. What do these movies really have going for them? Plus, K Stew gets on my nerves every time I see her. Who wants to look be that miserable all the time? She complains about being famous, but she’s in one of the biggest movie series ever. What.a.moron.

To sum up my feelings: I don’t like Twilight. I will never see Twilight. I will never read Twilight. You will never convince me to do so. If you need a babysitter so you can go see the movies, I’m available. 🙂

Peace out Twi-hards.