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This is very important…


Since the summer season for tv has kicked in and I am without any shows to watch, I think we will review the shows that just ended. If you don’t watch these shows, you should start.

I would like to start with…

Things I Learned from CSI:Miami

1. Tilting your head sideways makes everything more dramatic. (Horatio)

2. If you’re cute enough, CBS will hire you back…and pay you a lot more. (Eric)

3. It’s never too hot in Miami for boots. (Calleigh)

4. It’s ok to stalk your ex if you’re a cop. (Jesse)

5. Miami’s budget for the CSI team is way bigger than every other city in Florida. (Yesterday, I saw CSI:Palm Beach. It was just a van…no Hummers here.)


Basketball is my favorite sport…


…I like it when they dribble up and down the court…


Actually, I don’t mind watching basketball live (I did marry a basketball player), but on tv… kill me now.

You may be thinking, “what has prompted this post?” I’ll tell you. Last night Brent informed me that NBA playoffs last until mid-June!! That is ridiculous. TWO MONTHS OF PLAYOFFS?!?! Who made this up? Certainly not a wife…

I will do a lot of things I don’t want to do in order to make Brent happy, but watching basketball (or golf) on tv is not one of them. That’s why God has blessed us with jobs so we can afford 2 tvs.