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Please explain this to me…


It took longer than we had hoped, but (fingers crossed) Mason has been sleeping through the night. Well sometimes all the way through the night, but sometimes up at 5:30ish to have a snack and then back to sleep, so I don’t count that as “up”.

Anyway, “yay” for that. BUT why do I struggle getting up in the morning so much more now?

Mason will be in his room ready to go at 7:30 and I feel like I got hit by a truck during the night. Brent and I have even been crashing at about 10 each night.

So why is it that now that I’m getting a full night’s sleep I’m about 30 times more tired during the day than when I was getting about zero sleep each night?

I’ve even been taking naps…

I never take naps. Not even when Mason was just born.

Just another mystery of parenthood I suppose.


Also, Mason is 6 months old today. Not sure how this is possible since he was just born last week.

Riddle me that…


Some random thoughts for the day.


My birthday is in 10 days. You can email me for where to send gifts. 🙂

Mason’s 4 month doctor’s appointment will be on August 23rd. That’s the day he’ll be 5 months. Better late than never, right? (gotta love those school physicals taking up all the doc’s time)

Mason currently refuses to take a nap. I know he is tired. Luckily with the tv on and his door shut I can’t really hear him.

That reminds me- we finally got Mason to sleep in his crib on a regular basis. No more swing. Yay!

Everyone keeps complaining about the heat, but I have not complained about it. Have we all forgotten how horrible the winter was??? I would much rather be a little sweaty then freezing my booty off. Thank you for the summertime!

Mason and I went to storytime at the library this week. He was pretty into it. Storytime has changed quite a  bit since I was little. They pretty much just sing a lot. I don’t even thing we actually read a book. Anyone remember the song with the hands? “open them, shut them, open them, shut them, sit them in your lap” They don’t sing that anymore. Or maybe it is just a Florida thing.

My dogs like the eat all of Mason’s teethers. Mason likes throwing them on the floor for the puppies to get. It’s 3 against 1 around here and my patience is running low.

I rearranged my living room this week. I put the love seat in Mason’s room. I really like it. Today, I saw an article about how the new trendy thing to do is to put a love seat in your nursery. I love being ahead of the times. 🙂

I think Mason finally went to sleep.

Time for me to do the same. 🙂

Learning to learn again.


Things I’ve learned from my 2-month-old:

1. Pooping in a clean diaper is MUCH better than pooping in a diaper you’ve already peed in.

2. On the subject of pooping, take your time. It will all work itself out eventually.

3. Patience is overrated. If you want something, just scream your head off until it appears.

4. Enjoy the simple things in life. Ceiling fans and bright lights are among God’s greatest creations.

5. You can never sleep too much.

6. If you don’t like your outfit, just throw up on it. It’s a great excuse to have to change.

7. Smile often.

8. Puppy kisses are the best kisses.

9. Don’t hold your toots in- it will make your tummy hurt.

10. Always keep them on their toes. No rest for the weary. Make sure they know you’re the boss. 🙂