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Whew… we made it.


We’ve made it through this weekend, through this sickness in the past week, and most importantly through our first year of parenthood!

I was worried there for a while.

Mason’s party was completely exhausting! Brent’s parents both got sick on Friday night and we had to do a quick change to have the party somewhere else.  I think it turned out alright. I just hate that his parents missed the party.

I also hate that most of the guests have started getting sick, now. I promise this McPherson 3 were healthy!!! This bug going around has gotten to almost everyone I know. It’s like one of the plagues in Egypt.

Some highlights from the party…

Some of our decorations. I didn't get time to get pictures of them all.

Trying to eat cake with no hands. Someone spends too much time with the puppies.

This is as messy as he got. He wasn't really into the cake thing.

So many fun presents!!

The balloons were his favorite part of the whole thing.

This is the only half-decent picture I have of the three of us. I'm hoping someone else got one.




So after my post on Monday, Mason came down with something and Brent came home sick also.

Sooo…. that’s what I’ve been doing all week.

Everyone seems to be starting to get back to normal. Mason still isn’t 100%, but he is doing much better than before.

I’m pretty sure every wife would agree that the older boys are more difficult than the babies. They are just… whiney butts. 🙂

The timing is just great with all the party stuff that I need to be working on, too.

Anyway, got to get back to it.

Also- I just realized that I put Mason down for a nap with no sheets on his bed, just the nice plastic mattress.

What can I tell you? Mother of the year material right here.

Back to normal


Well, most of you know how my week started (the plague and a whiny baby). It ended pretty much even worse. I got food poisoning on Thursday night and it pretty much took me out all weekend. I’ve never had food poisoning before. That has got to be one of the worst things in the world. If someone gives you food poisoning, they should be punished in some fashion.

In much happier news:

-Mason slept in today. He is not refusing to nap, though. I put his favorite blanket in the wash so I think he is striking.

-Mason turns one on Friday! I can’t even believe that. I can’t wait for his party.

-Actually, I can. Being sick all weekend has set me back on all the things I need to get done. I’m sure it will come together in the end.

-My mom gets here on Thursday! Yay!!


What a day


So, my week has been rather interesting and it’s only Wednesday.

I’m not going to get into my Monday. You should just know that it was a little bit crazy.

Yesterday, Mason broke out in a crazy rash. I, of course, assumed that he had the plague and freaked out. I (and by “I”, I mean about 4 different people) talked myself of the ledge and I decided to wait until today to call the doctor if he still had it.

Well, he still had it so we went to the doctor and it is, of course, nothing.

Mason also went to bed on Tuesday night at 5:45. We had a pretty rough day and, quite honestly, I was ready for some separation.

Since he went to bed so early, he was ready to go at like 6:30 today. This is a major problem for me as I am NOT a morning person.

Today has been better since we found out Mason doesn’t have the plague. He did poop in the bathtub, though.