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Day 4


Today, I am thankful for my puppies.

We’ve had Doby and Lola for over 2 years now. They may be the worst behaved dogs in all of America, but they are the sweetest, most loyal dogs, too. They can’t help it if their parents never took the time to train them properly. 🙂

They also love their little brother a lot. Well, Doby seems to love him. Lola seems to tolerate him. She’s been the baby for so long, I think it’s taking a while to get used to the new dynamics around here.

I love my puppies and I’m very thankful for them.




It’s just another manic Monday


On Monday’s, we usually go to storytime at the library. Today, we opted to just hang out at home. We’ve been nonstop all weekend and Mason voted that we just relax for a day. It was a great decision. We caught up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, ate a good breakfast and even split mommy’s lip open. 🙂

Speaking of weekends, I hope everyone had an excellent one. Brent and I had not one, but two nights out with no baby, we went to a beautiful wedding, and we had a great Sunday with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Oh! and we did the pumpkin patch on Friday. We still haven’t carved it yet. I’ve actually never carved a pumpkin and Brent isn’t really sure that he’s ever done it as an adult. But it’s on our “fall bucket list” so it must be done! Mason is pretty stoked about it, too. I’m sure the pictures will be great so be looking for those.

Mason is also doing this new thing where anytime you look at him and laugh, he’ll just start laughing too. It really makes me laugh. It’s just a laugh factory in here. It works every single time. The more ridiculous the laugh, the better.

That’s about it. Enjoy your week and don’t forget to smile!

Trying to get Mickey Mouse out of the toy box


Doby isn't extremely helpful

Chewing on Lola- my poor pups

Someone got caught


Enjoy your Monday!

I’ve lost my dog


Most of you know that I have two puppies- Doby and Lola. Our puppies have always been like our babies. They sleep in the bed with us, we carry them around the house baby-style, they’re super spoiled.

Well, now we have a real, human baby.

Before Mason got here, we were kind of worried about how the pups would react. Lola has always been a lover so we didn’t worry about her too much, but Doby is a very jealous dog. He gets mad when Brent and I hug each other. Everyone has been asking us how the puppies are reacting to the baby. I must say- it isn’t like we expected.

Doby is OBSESSED with Mason. He wants to lay next to him and be in the same room as him. Doby is Mason’s little protector. He only gets mad at Mason because Mason can’t snuggle him properly. It’s pretty hysterical watching Doby try to get Mason to pet him.

Lola wants nothing to do with him. She mostly just ignores his existence.

So, I’ve lost my puppy to my son already. And he’s only a month old. I knew that one day the puppies would probably leave us for Mason, but who knew it would be so soon. I’m pretty sure if Doby could figure out how to get in Mason’s crib, he would sleep with him instead of us.

In fact, Mason is in the other room “crying it out” (I needed a 10 minute break for my mental sanity) and Doby is walking back and forth letting me know what is going on. Doby is pretty mad that I haven’t done anything about it yet.

…Lola is just passed out on her bed…



Now, I know that every baby has their “blowouts” but the one that happened in the McPherson house yesterday is one for the books.

First, let me set it up for you.

Mason had been sleeping in his swing for a couple of hours. I knew he would be waking up around 12 to eat and we had to be at the doctor’s at 12:50. I had his change of clothes all laid out and everything ready to go so I could feed and change him and get out the door in time for the doctor’s.

So, on cue, Mason wakes up at 12 and is hungry. I go to pick him up from his swing and feel something wet. Poop. Everywhere. Yuck.

After my initial shock that my hands were covered in poop, I picked him up and went to the changing table to assess the situation.

Poop was all over him. I took of his onesie and his diaper and open the box of wipes. Of course, there were only 2 in there. There is no way that’s going to cut it. While I’m trying to figure out what to do, I hear something and I knew what it was…

more poop.

I look down and more poop is shooting out of my small child. Not running… SHOOTING. It gets all over his clean clothes I had laying out, all over the table, all over the floor. Just everywhere.

I think a demon came out.

I decided a quick bath was the best option at this point. After getting poop all over the bathroom, I get him cleaned up. When I get back in his room to discover Lola, our pug, licking up the poop off the floor.


Then, in my rush to get out of the house to make it to the doctor’s, the puppies pooped in my room.

So, I left my house with poop everywhere… literally.

And all of that before 12:30.



So- we made it to Nashville alive with the puppies. They were actually really good. In an unexpected turn of events, we decided to leave Tuesday night… at 11:30p.m. Yes, you read that right. At about 11 Brent said, “Let’s just leave tonight” so I finished up my homework and we headed out. We just took shifts napping in the back seat with the pups.

Anyway, we’re here for some friends’ wedding… Wes & Marcy or Mes & Warcy as I keep saying. What… a tongue twister. I’m excited to see everyone and I think Brent is too. Being up here sure makes us miss not getting to see all of our old friends all the time. It’s also not as hot. In fact, I just sat outside for about 15 minutes and I didn’t sweat at all. It’s a miracle. 🙂 The pups are loving getting to run around in the back yard, too.

Oh yea… Brent backed my car into a fence post last night. I think that’s one point for all the female drivers in the world. He just plowed right into it. Never slowed down. The damage is hardly noticeable, but I act like it’s the end of the world. He deserves it. I think I can finally take claim of the “Best Driver” in our house award. Not that I didn’t already own it, but now he can’t argue with me.

Alright, I have to be going. Just wanted to let you all know I wasn’t dead. And neither is Brent…yet.

McPherson News Updates


Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days. I haven’t been having the best of days and there was no need to share it with the rest of the world. Plus, I didn’t really have anything important to say, but that’s never stopped me before.

Anyway, we leave for our cruise on Saturday!! I can’t wait. I’m so ready for a break.

In other news, we threw mom a surprise birthday party last Saturday… and she was actually surprised!! It was great.

Monday I managed to put fondant on a cake and it didn’t look that bad. It did look some bad. Just wait, before you know it I’ll be a cake decorating machine…

I also made myself fried eggs on Monday night. I’ve never made them before. They were wonderful. I’m a pro at this cooking stuff.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter at all- that ringing is still going on in my office, but I haven’t harmed anyone or thing…yet. If you don’t follow me on Twitter- 1. Get with the program & 2. There is a high-pitched ringing in my office, but no one else hears it. It may cause my insanity.

Another one for the win category- Lola let the groomers cut her nails today. It’s the closest thing to a miracle we have these days. The groomers informed us that we should let the vet do it next time because Lola could have a heart attack or seizure. Lola is a drama queen…

Just imagine me saying all of that in a news anchor voice. It sounds really good to me. I think I’ve found my next career. I’m a natural. 🙂