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What can I say?


Life has been crazy. Crazy and hectic and not always going like I expected it.

I refuse to be a Debbie-downer about it anymore. I didn’t want  people feel bad for me. And since that’s all I felt like writing about, I just chose not to write. Probably a good choice for all of us involved. 🙂

In any case, I hope you all saw the first picture of Baby McPherson!! If not, you’re missing out. She or he is quite a cutie (if you ask me).

Also, the real reason I wanted to post today. All the craziness that has been going on in my life lately has made me think a lot about prayer. (it’s also made me pray a lot)

It’s always easy to pray when you have a lot to pray about. It’s a lot harder to pray when everything is going super good in your life. I know this is truth, because I live it and I’m sure you live it, too.

When I need stuff, it’s easy to ask for it. I try to say “thank you” no matter the answer, but I’m human and I don’t always remember to.

It’s hard when God’s answer is no or not right now. It’s hard to remember that God is smarter than you.

I guess the point of it all is God knows what He’s doing and we just need to trust Him. Even though it’s really hard. God’s always worked stuff out for me in my life before and I’m sure He’s done the same for you.

Don’t forget to say “thank you”. 🙂