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My garbage disposal


This little boy is going to eat me out of house and home.

After hardly eating anything for the past couple of weeks, someone has found his appetite. Today was more of one continuous meal than 3 distinct ones.

It sort of reminds of me this little guy…

I tried to find the picture of him with the pb&j in one hand and his drink in the other. That’s probably my favorite picture ever.

Oh, that is my little brother for those of you that don’t know.

Also, I think they look exactly alike minus the hair color.

…and the awesome outfit Daniel has on.

Anyway, the house is shaping up. And by that I mean, it has a giant hole in the back where we tore all of the wood off. So, if any homeless people in Nashville need a place to stay for the night, just walk on in.

I should mention that we are not staying in the house yet. Mason would just crawl right out of the back and we would lose him.

Brent and I have only thought about divorce 4 times while we have been working on the house.

…it’s been 1 day.

I am kidding, of course.




… kinda


Day 3


Today I’m thankful for my marriage.

In a day when Kim Kardashian get’s married for 5 minutes, I’m thankful that I have a great marriage.

I love being married. I wish everyone could be married. You get to spend every day with your best friend in the whole world.

I know I’ve post about marriage a few times on the blog already (hence the name of the blog), but I just wanted to remind everyone to appreciate that you’ve found that special someone. And if you haven’t found them yet, they’ll come around. There is someone for everyone.

I guess what surprises me so much about marriage these days is that people don’t take care of it. People spend more time taking care of their cars than they do their marriages.

It’s like a flower- if you don’t spend any time taking care of it, it will die.

Not that I have it all figured out… just an observation.

Is everyone enjoying my philosophizing when I’ve only been married 3 years? 🙂

Anyway… marriage. #3.

Ch,ch,ch changes


Brent and I are always talking about how much we have changed since we first got married. It’s only been 3 years, but I think we are really different people. Some are little things. Like I’m not as high strung (I’m even more mellow now that I’ve had a baby) and Brent knows how to use a mop now. (Not even joking on that one. I had to teach him how.)

Anyway, when we first got married we both agreed that we wanted two kids (NO, I’m not pregnant again. Don’t jump the gun here.). I also always thought that I would continue working. I couldn’t imagine being a stay-at-home mom.

Now, we’re talking about having more kids and I’m willing to give up many things to get to stay home. It’s the best job in the world. Not that there is anything wrong with not staying home. There are definitely days when I wish I could go to work and contribute to the world. 🙂

We used to dream of fancy things and nice high-rise condo.

Now-well, we still dream of fancy things- but our house requirements include a big yard and lots of bedrooms. 🙂

It constantly amazes me of how priorities change as you grow. Of course, Brent and I were pretty young when we started making priorities together so I’m sure that’s part of it.

Anyway, I guess I say all of that just to let you know that even though you laid your whole life out when you were 20 years old and you knew it all, you’re still allowed to change your plans. There aren’t any rules against it. I promise.

How vow brown cow.


This past weekend, Brent and I enjoyed our first night out without Little Bit. We went to our friends’ wedding. I figured it wouldn’t be good to take an infant to a wedding, but then, when I saw all of the other babies, I was pretty upset that I didn’t have mine to show off, too- but that’s another story.

Anyway, Brent and I aren’t huge wedding fans. That’s probably why it wasn’t a big deal to us to not have a big wedding ourselves. I will say, this was one of my favorite ceremonies yet. I almost burst into tears a few times. (I’m not sure if it’s just the mommy hormones still raging or if it was really that much sweeter than normal.) Listening to their vows made me think about what I would say if I wrote my vows to Brent knowing now what I didn’t know 2 and a half years ago when we got married.

Here it goes…

Brent, I promise to love you forever. I don’t promise to always like you 100%. I promise to let you know when I’m mad, sad, happy, scared, worried, anxious and when I have to pee. I promise to attend as many men’s league basketball games as I can and I promise to attempt to actually watch them unless someone else is there to talk to.  I promise to listen to your opinion on decorating, but I don’t promise to follow it. I promise to think about making dinner each night, but I don’t promise that I will actually make it. I promise to always remember when your birthday is, even if I don’t remember how old you are. I promise to one day FINALLY figure out and sear in my brain if our anniversary is the 30th or 31st. I promise to take too many pictures, laugh at too many jokes, and make you watch an insane amount television that you pretend to hate, but I know deep down you love it. I will always laugh. I can’t say if it will be with you or at you, but I’ll laugh. I promise to keep your ego in check. I’ll build you up and I’ll also humble you- depending on what you need- usually the latter. I’ll always need you when needles are involved. I’ll love you when you are sick, even though you’re a pain. I’ll love you when you’re well for sure. I’ll love you when you’re poor, which seems to be our norm. I’ll love you when you’re rich- if you buy me something nice. 🙂 Mostly- I’ll love you. No matter what.

You live, you learn


Two and half years ago I married someone with a hidden secret.

It wasn’t really a secret. It was just something I never knew about him.

His obsession with basketball shoes.

I’m talking duffel bags full of basketball shoes.

So, being the good wife that I am, I have misplaced the bags of shoes in our recent move to Tennessee. (it really wasn’t on purpose and I have looked for them)

Anyway, he still had a couple of pair that he kept out and actually wears. (A couple out of the 50 pairs he owns) Well, a couple of months ago, in a cut-throat men’s league basketball game, his favorite pair broke.

My natural reaction was to say, “well at least you have plenty of other pairs.” But this was his favorite pair. So, since he was being a Mopey McMoperson, I told him to buy another pair.

Well guess what. You can’t buy them anymore. He’s had them since high school. (who still has sneakers they had in high school??)

These are the shoes:

So, being the great wife that I am I looked for them all over eBay. This is a better accomplishment than you think. First, I had to touch his nasty, old, smelly shoe and figure out what the name of it was. That took awhile. It doesn’t just say “Nike Air Jordan Retro III” or whatever on them.  Then, I had to search all over eBay and find them. Then, I had to pick myself up off the floor when I found out they were over $300 to replace!

I’m not even exaggerating.

So, I promptly called Brent and told him that I never want to hear another complaint about my purse addiction, when he is wearing $300 sneakers.

Needless to say, he didn’t get a pair.

Well, life being what it is, Mr. Jordan has decided to re-release these shoes (at much less than $300). What are the chances?

They came out today.

I originally offered to go with Brent first thing in the morning and get them. I figure it would be like waiting to get Furby (weren’t those horrible) or Beanie Babies. He didn’t really ever seem too up to it.

So, I’ve been calling all day to track down his size somewhere in town.

And I found them. You can just refer to me from now on as “Wife of the Year”.

Opposites do not attract


I just have to tell you that I typed in “attrackt”. It’s been a long week…

Now on for the real reason of this post. I’ve been thinking (for about 2 minutes now. If I don’t blog when I think about it, I’ll forget what I wanted to say.”) of all the things Brent and I have in common. People say opposites attract and that is false. Opposites do not attract. You will most likely marry someone who is more similar to you than not. Now, not everything is similar, but I’m going to say a majority is.

Here is a list of things B-mac-attack and I have in common:

  • We like to play with tags on shirts.
  • We have great style. (I’m still better, though)
  • We are always serious all of the time.
  • We enjoy saying ridiculous things to see how people will react. (That’s probably my favorite)
  • We enjoy people watching.
  • We went to FHU.
  • We think I’m the coolest person in the world. (Didn’t confirm this with Brent.)
  • We  wanted the Lakers to win.
  • We like Starbucks… a lot.
  • We both got married in July.
  • We were both born in Tennessee.
  • We live in the same house.
  • We grew up in the church.
  • We like a lot of the same music & tv shows.
  • We  have younger brothers.
  • We get our hair done at the same place.
  • We have AT&T phones.
  • We’re both golf pros. (That’s a lie, but we both own golf clubs.)

I could go on like this all day…

Here are things we do NOT have in common…

  • Brent likes weird food, I do not. I have the diet of a 5-year-old.
  • Brent thinks he is a good driver. I do not think Brent is a good driver.
  • Brent is hairy, I am not.
  • Brent likes to watch basketball, I do not.
  • Brent’s birthday is in January and mine is in August.
  • Brent has a good memory, I do not.
  • Brent is done with school, I will never be done with school…*sigh*
  • Brent is a caffeine addict, I am not.
  • I love flip-flops, Brent does not.
  • Brent is smelly, I am not.

I’m sure everyone can see my point. 🙂

Our New Bathroom


While we were gone last week, Brent’s parents re-did our bathroom. And let me be the first to tell you, this is going to enhance our marriage tremendously. No longer will we fight over Brent leaving the sink hairy and nasty. Why? Now we have 2 sinks. We have our own drawers, our own cabinets, and I moved to the opposite side so Brent doesn’t splash me with water while he is in the shower and I’m doing my make up. Like I said- marriage enhancer.

Down side? Now I have to find something else to bug Brent about…

I’ll probably start with the NBA basketball shaped jar we have to keep on the dresser…