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This is post number 100. It’s kind of crazy that many of you have read all 100 posts.

I feel kind of bad for you. I’m really not that interesting. 🙂

Just kidding. Thanks for reading!!

I haven’t posted in a while because I knew this was #100 and I felt like I needed something big to write about. So, after about 3 weeks of waiting for something exciting to happen- I gave up and I’m just going to write something pointless instead.

During our 100 posts we have:

argued about flip flops and here…

debated texting versus calling

moved to Nashville

had a baby

baked a lot

told a lot of anonymous people off 🙂

done a lot of cleaning and disposed of a lot of junk

picked multiple March Madness brackets

“renewed” my vows

given grammar lessons

survived cicadas

graduated college…finally

survived pregnancy

possibly the best of all, survived the pooptastrophe

Those are just some of my favorites. Thanks for reading (seriously). I love writing and it’s always nice to know someone is reading it. 🙂


Your Annoying Me


Many of you know that I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on Facebook. Not always by choice. I just really have nothing else to do. In my Facebook travels, I have seen far too many grammatical and spelling errors that are inexcusable.

I already posted this complaint on my Facebook account earlier today, but it bothers me so much, I feel compelled to blog about it…

What is it with people misusing words? I mean, some of these people are college graduates and they don’t know when to use “your” or “you’re”.

It’s (not its) an epidemic and it makes me sick.

Let’s discuss…

Your and you’re-

  • Your is possessive- “Is your stomach hurting?”
  • You’re is a contraction for ‘you are’- “You’re annoying”

There, their and they’re-

  • There is used when referring to a place or with the verb ‘be’ – “The dictionary is over there
  • Their is possessive- “Have you seen their dictionary?”
  • They’re is a contraction for ‘they are’- “They’re hiding the dictionary from you”

To, too and two-

  • To is used to start a prepositional phrase or before an infinitive- “We are going to whack you on the head with your English book.”
  • Too is an adverb meaning ‘also’- “I want to whack him on the head, too!”
  • Two is a number. If you mix this in, you are really dumb.- “You have two brain cells.”

Its and it’s-

  • Its is a possessive pronoun- “Have you seen its tail?”
  • It’s is a contraction for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’- “It’s raining outside.”

Sorry for the English lesson, but people needed to hear it. English teachers feel free to write in and correct me if necessary. 🙂