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Frank Friday


Just some random “frank” thoughts today.

– It was 75 yesterday and today it’s 45.  Degrees, that is.

– We leave for Florida on Wednesday night and I can’t wait.

– Planning a 1st birthday party should not be this stressful.

– Mason is the only baby at Gymboree class that doesn’t like the parachute. He gets upset every time. I think it looks fun and I wish I could get under the parachute.

– I haven’t been to the grocery store all week so I’ve been stuck eating chicken nuggets for lunch with Mason every day.

– I keep thinking that it is almost Easter due to the large amounts of Easter items out at all of the stores. Then, I realize that we still have a month to go and I would look silly decorating for Easter in February.

– The dogs are in big trouble today. They think it is fun to chew up Mason’s puzzle pieces. Actually, they think it’s fun to chew on anything of Mason’s.

– In all fairness, I do catch him chewing on their toys, too.

– If you were wondering on the status of the mess around here- we’re running at about an 8 on the messy scale. Mason’s only been home a couple of hours today.

Have a great weekend!