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Where is your filter?


People constantly amaze me. For many reasons, but today I’m just here to discuss one.

Why don’t people think before they speak..or type for that matter?

Especially when you type.

Most of the time, even if you didn’t think the first time around you can delete it before anyone sees it.

Look at your news feed on Facebook. Why do people feel the need to say some of the things they end up saying? If a boyfriend posts something on a girlfriend’s wall and you don’t know what it’s talking about, you probably shouldn’t comment on it. If someone is upset about something, you probably need to think about what you are saying before you comment to them.

It happens all the time though. Comments that are unneccessary and uncalled for and most of the time flat-out inappropriate. I know I have a few serial offenders on my Facebook. I’m sure you do too.

In “real” life (as opposed to “Facebook” life), you don’t always have a second chance to take back something. Once you’ve said and someone has heard it. That’s it.

This makes me wonder… where is your filter?

Some people must be born without a filter between their brain and their mouth. That’s the only way to explain this.

That’s all for now. Just think before you speak.