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Ch,ch,ch changes


Brent and I are always talking about how much we have changed since we first got married. It’s only been 3 years, but I think we are really different people. Some are little things. Like I’m not as high strung (I’m even more mellow now that I’ve had a baby) and Brent knows how to use a mop now. (Not even joking on that one. I had to teach him how.)

Anyway, when we first got married we both agreed that we wanted two kids (NO, I’m not pregnant again. Don’t jump the gun here.). I also always thought that I would continue working. I couldn’t imagine being a stay-at-home mom.

Now, we’re talking about having more kids and I’m willing to give up many things to get to stay home. It’s the best job in the world. Not that there is anything wrong with not staying home. There are definitely days when I wish I could go to work and contribute to the world. 🙂

We used to dream of fancy things and nice high-rise condo.

Now-well, we still dream of fancy things- but our house requirements include a big yard and lots of bedrooms. 🙂

It constantly amazes me of how priorities change as you grow. Of course, Brent and I were pretty young when we started making priorities together so I’m sure that’s part of it.

Anyway, I guess I say all of that just to let you know that even though you laid your whole life out when you were 20 years old and you knew it all, you’re still allowed to change your plans. There aren’t any rules against it. I promise.