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Bawk, bawk, Easter Bunny


We have had a busy weekend for Easter. We did 2 egg hunts and had 2 Easter meals and took 2 reaaallllyyyy long naps.

Last Easter, Mason was only 1 month old so this Easter was a lot more fun. He wasn’t super into the egg hunt. He really just liked to find a couple and then sit and play with them. Today he found a ball outside and enjoyed that much more than hunting for eggs. I think next Easter will be even better!

Now, what to do with all of these eggs…



Preparing for Easter


We’ve been busy, busy, busy this week already here in the McPherson household and our week is only going to get more crazy!

Since Mason and I are heading to Greenville tomorrow, we decided to start getting our Easter gifts ready for our festivities this weekend.

Here are our super cute “peep s’mores” we are giving to everyone!

They are super easy (and cheap) to put together and I think they are really cute!

Just a mini Hershey bar, a graham cracker, and a peep. I made the bag toppers myself. It took me about 15 minutes to put these all together.

Here is how Mason helped.

It’s amazing how quickly he can destroy an entire house.

More Easter projects in the works. 🙂