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I have to share this…


Everything you read tells you that being pregnant often gives you weird dreams and I have to share a couple of the dreams that I’ve had this week. They are insane. I hope they are no indication of the kind of mother I’m going to be. 🙂

Also, my mom was in them. So, I can always blame my bad mothering on her.

The first one: My mom and I are spending the day in my house with Mason. It’s his first day home from the hospital and we are just enjoying having him around. Suddenly, at 2 in the afternoon (why do I have a specific time in my dream?) I realized we hadn’t fed Mason at all that day. So, I’m trying to make him a bottle and I keep messing up the measurements and all that fun stuff. FINALLY, I get the bottle made but I can’t get it into Mason’s mouth because he is one-dimensional. Yes, he looks like a washcloth.

What does that even mean? My child is a flat, white square.

It disturbs me.

Even more than forgetting to feed him for an entire day.

Explanations welcome.

My second dream: Mom and I are out to eat with Mason. After dinner we decide that we need to go to Publix and get some food for a party we are having. So, we put Mason in the car and then proceed to take a different car to the grocery. While we are at the grocery, I realize that we left Mason in the car. So, I grab the keys and run to the car, only to realize that he is in the other car and I don’t know how to get to the restaurant where we ate dinner. So, I’m just speeding around town aimlessly trying to find the restaurant, abandoning my mom at the grocery, and I don’t have my purse or phone with me.

I woke up before I found him, so I hope everything worked out ok.

Needless to say, after having these dreams back-to-back, it took me quite a while to fall back asleep.