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¡Hola! ¡Hola! ¡Hola!


Did ya miss me?? I’m sure you did…

Anyway, the cruise was great. We went to Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya. Now you know, so you don’t have to ask.

While we were gone my in-laws came down and dog sat for us and they also redid our bathroom. It is wonderful. I think I’ll invite them down more often… when I’m out of the country… (pretty sure they don’t read this, but just in case- You guys can come whenever you want :))

Cruises are super great. Everyone should go on one. I don’t think we will do another one next year, though. Three years in a row is enough for now.

It is also my little brother’s birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL!! He refuses to read my posts, so he probably won’t see that anyway…

It is about to be a super busy month for us. We have to recover from cruise-mode, get ready for Brent’s friend to come visit, finish up VBS plans, and then head to Nashville for a wedding. Just a warning in case the posts slow down some over the summer. They probably won’t. I really love to talk…

Anyway, I’m planning a much more meaningful post later today, so stay tuned.


McPherson News Updates


Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days. I haven’t been having the best of days and there was no need to share it with the rest of the world. Plus, I didn’t really have anything important to say, but that’s never stopped me before.

Anyway, we leave for our cruise on Saturday!! I can’t wait. I’m so ready for a break.

In other news, we threw mom a surprise birthday party last Saturday… and she was actually surprised!! It was great.

Monday I managed to put fondant on a cake and it didn’t look that bad. It did look some bad. Just wait, before you know it I’ll be a cake decorating machine…

I also made myself fried eggs on Monday night. I’ve never made them before. They were wonderful. I’m a pro at this cooking stuff.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter at all- that ringing is still going on in my office, but I haven’t harmed anyone or thing…yet. If you don’t follow me on Twitter- 1. Get with the program & 2. There is a high-pitched ringing in my office, but no one else hears it. It may cause my insanity.

Another one for the win category- Lola let the groomers cut her nails today. It’s the closest thing to a miracle we have these days. The groomers informed us that we should let the vet do it next time because Lola could have a heart attack or seizure. Lola is a drama queen…

Just imagine me saying all of that in a news anchor voice. It sounds really good to me. I think I’ve found my next career. I’m a natural. 🙂