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This is post number 100. It’s kind of crazy that many of you have read all 100 posts.

I feel kind of bad for you. I’m really not that interesting. 🙂

Just kidding. Thanks for reading!!

I haven’t posted in a while because I knew this was #100 and I felt like I needed something big to write about. So, after about 3 weeks of waiting for something exciting to happen- I gave up and I’m just going to write something pointless instead.

During our 100 posts we have:

argued about flip flops and here…

debated texting versus calling

moved to Nashville

had a baby

baked a lot

told a lot of anonymous people off 🙂

done a lot of cleaning and disposed of a lot of junk

picked multiple March Madness brackets

“renewed” my vows

given grammar lessons

survived cicadas

graduated college…finally

survived pregnancy

possibly the best of all, survived the pooptastrophe

Those are just some of my favorites. Thanks for reading (seriously). I love writing and it’s always nice to know someone is reading it. 🙂


It’s a hodge-podge


Do other people use the term “hodge-podge” or am I just weird? I keep discovering terms that I use and apparently no one knows what they mean.

Just some random thoughts for today:

-Why do people just walk up and touch an infant? I’m by NO means a germaphobe, but babies can get sick so easily. Thanks, random stranger.

-Cicadas will most likely be the death of me. The other day one landed on my keys in the stroller, I just waited for it to leave. They have got to be the weirdest, most pointless bugs I’ve ever seen. They’re like flying monsters.

-It’s hot. Really, really hot.

-I accomplished a grocery run with Mason today. My first attempt was not so good, so luckily this trip was much better. I had a long list, too. No screaming, just some advice from a couple of old ladies that I didn’t ask for. Gotta love it.

-When Mason was first born I wouldn’t let him go out without being dressed properly. Shorts, pants, shoes, a nice shirt, nothing frumpy. Now, it’s so stinkin hot, I just throw him in a onesie and call it a day. That kid sweats more than a grown man.

-I’m attempting 3 brand new recipes this week. They look exciting. I love Pioneer Woman. I think if we met in real life we would be really good friends.

-We leave for Florida on Monday. I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve got Mason some swim diapers and super cute board shorts for his first time to the beach.

…I also have myself some super cover ups. This still isn’t pretty. haha

-I just realized that we haven’t even thought about what to do with the puppies while we are gone…

-I finished working out 45 minutes ago and I’m still exhausted. I’m not sure I can get up from the computer any time soon.

-Today, Mason was sleeping so deeply, I got worried he was dead. He wasn’t.

-Why don’t people use spell check on their blogs? I’ve seen way too many errors for my liking recently. Not that I never make them, but multiple in one post is silliness.

Have a happy hump day everyone!!