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Isn’t it ironic…


Taken at a BP Gas Station.

 If that didn’t make you laugh, you need to loosen up. 🙂

Speaking of oil spills… my finger is healing nicely from last night’s incident. The whole story is… I was running out of thinned icing, so I thought I would squeeze my thick icing into my thin icing so I didn’t have to make any more. It was taking to long so I was going to cut the tip out of the piping bag so it would just glob on there. I just got a brand new knife set and apparently these knifes are a lot sharper than my cheap-o set from Ikea. Long story short (no story is ever short if I’m telling it), I sliced my thumb open. Brent attempted to bandage it since it was bleeding everywhere (not in the icing) but I ended up having to do it myself. He gets an E for effort.

Speaking of knives, Brent and I are driving up to Nashville in a couple of weeks. Guess what. We are going to take the puppies with us! Well, actually, that’s still an argument. I’m sure I’ll win, though. It’s going to be super fun locked in a car with two rowdy puppies for 800 miles. 🙂 Can’t wait!

Peace out! (haha)


Baker’s Delight


Ok- tonight has been one of my biggest successes as far as baking go.

First- cupcakes for Granny’s birthday.


Then- Cookies for Malarie’s birthday. They’re still drying, but you get the point.

Just pretend these look really good. It’s late and I sliced my finger open halfway thru. No blood in the cookies, though.

Hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m addicted to baking.


Like really, really, addicted. A lot of times, I want to bake and then we end up throwing half the goodies away. I bake like I have a house full of small children, but it’s just us two fatties and we don’t need to devour 24 cupcakes a week. I recently decided to start halving the recipes, so that helps. But still, I can find any excuse to bake something. I think I’m pretty good at it, too.

Anyway, I’m here to announce that I’ve come up with some plans for my baking. I will start forcing my baking upon others. I will bring baked goodies to church events, to your parties, to Tuesday morning Bible class, to Brent’s open houses. I will bring them to everything I’m invited to. (don’t hold me to the “everything” part) Then, once I’ve gotten everyone addicted to sugar, I will rule the world…

haha. not.

But, you should be ready for some baked goodies from me. I’ll even take ideas. I’m always looking for ideas. I’m trying to decide the best cupcake recipes to work on. So, if you have a favorite flavor of cupcake (or “cuppycakes”, as I like to call them-me and all the 5-year-olds in the world) you should leave it in the comments so I can perfect it. Then, who knows? You may end up with a box of cupcakes next time I see you. 🙂

I also make some killer vanilla scones…

McPherson News Updates


Sorry about the lack of posts the past few days. I haven’t been having the best of days and there was no need to share it with the rest of the world. Plus, I didn’t really have anything important to say, but that’s never stopped me before.

Anyway, we leave for our cruise on Saturday!! I can’t wait. I’m so ready for a break.

In other news, we threw mom a surprise birthday party last Saturday… and she was actually surprised!! It was great.

Monday I managed to put fondant on a cake and it didn’t look that bad. It did look some bad. Just wait, before you know it I’ll be a cake decorating machine…

I also made myself fried eggs on Monday night. I’ve never made them before. They were wonderful. I’m a pro at this cooking stuff.

Also, if you follow me on Twitter at all- that ringing is still going on in my office, but I haven’t harmed anyone or thing…yet. If you don’t follow me on Twitter- 1. Get with the program & 2. There is a high-pitched ringing in my office, but no one else hears it. It may cause my insanity.

Another one for the win category- Lola let the groomers cut her nails today. It’s the closest thing to a miracle we have these days. The groomers informed us that we should let the vet do it next time because Lola could have a heart attack or seizure. Lola is a drama queen…

Just imagine me saying all of that in a news anchor voice. It sounds really good to me. I think I’ve found my next career. I’m a natural. 🙂