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You’re gonna miss this


You know when a baby is born everyone tells the mom, “enjoy this age, they grow up so quick”. Well, I knew that was true but I still was so excited for the things to come. I wanted Mason to eat baby food and sit up and crawl and do all those things that newborns don’t do.

Needless to say, everyone was right.

First of all- Mason is a big baby. He’s been in the 95th percentile or higher a majority of his 7 month life. I feel like I only had a “baby” for a couple months. He grew out of the infant car seat, the swing, the baby carrier- all of those things- much quicker than anticipated. Now, he sits in a regular car seat and he refuses to let me rock him to sleep. He eats real food 2 or 3 times a day, which means I have to feed him before I ever get to eat. He won’t even let Brent and me carry him like a baby anymore.  He wants to be up and looking at everything.

No more baby stuff for him.

I’m realizing that I not only miss him being a “baby”, but… honestly… it was so much easier then.

If I wanted to take a shower I just buckled him in the swing or bouncy seat and ran and took a shower.

He slept a majority of the day so I still managed to get most things done around the house during the day.

He would just eat a bottle so it took 15 minutes to feed him and then we could move on. I even had hot meals as long as I planned around his feeding.

He fit in the infant carseat that you can snap in and out of the car. That makes errands so much easier when your baby is sleepy. You don’t have to wake them up or anything.

So, everyone was right in many ways. I miss my baby and I miss how easy it was. BUT I am enjoying all the new things that happen everyday.

I also miss how easy it used to be to take his monthly picture.