Half Crazy


My first half marathon. (That’s 13.1 miles, in case you weren’t sure.)  I did it. I have no idea what got into me to decide to take on such a task, but I’m glad the running spirits possessed me.

I wasn’t super fast (2:31), but I finished and that was my main goal. I also had some semi- better pictures this time around. It costs like $60 to download them, so you guys are out of luck to see those. 🙂

I was doing pretty okay until about mile 11. I told Brent that I pretty much just prayed for the entire 11th mile. I was pretty beat and my feet and my knees were really starting to hurt. I just didn’t want to have to walk the last couple of  miles- I wanted to run through the finish line. I pretty much just prayed that God would make my legs keep moving.

And, they did. In fact, those were my fastest miles. God is awesome like that.

They only thing that was sore the next day was my neck. I have NO idea how my neck is sore from running. I can hardly even turn it. I feel like I need a neck brace on. It started hurting before I went to bed, so I don’t think I slept on it wrong or anything. Anyone else ever have this problem?

Also, I’m pretty sure that under my pretty pink polish, my toenail is dead. …yuck…

On a more serious note- I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud of myself. I actually stuck with my training and accomplished my goal. I don’t even feel like I have many long term goals lately. I mostly just have the goal of making it through each day without completely screwing up my son. So, it was nice to do something for myself. I’ve also inspired some fellow runners and that makes me even more excited. I need some running buddies! Hopefully, they won’t get faster than me. 🙂

In the end, I got a bling-in’ medal and am now a complete addict.

When’s the next race?!


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