We’re leavin on a jet plane


We leave for Florida this afternoon. Yay!! I can’t wait for some sunshine and pool time.

People are always amazed when I walk through the airport with Mason by myself. I guess if I didn’t do this every month it would be a more stressful situation.

It’s actually more stressful when Brent tags along. (he is today)

Then I have 2 kids to get through an airport. 🙂

If any of you watch Up All Night (one of my favorite shows) a couple of weeks ago they showed them trying to fly with their baby. I think if you travel as a big ball of stress (like Reagan), then your kids can tell and they act crazy.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s exhausting to travel with Mason alone, but he isn’t bad. 

He’s just a wild child and he thinks everyone on the airplane is his friend.

In honor of our trip, I’ve compiled a list of thoughts on traveling with a baby. 

1. Yes, you do have to take them out of the stroller when you go through the security. They aren’t going to enjoy being folded up in there and sent through the x-ray machine.

2. If someone wants to help you, let them. I know we are all super moms that can do it all alone, but it probably made them feel better.

3. If you have a baby you don’t have to go through that body scanner thing. You just walk through the regular one. If they see your husband carrying the baby, they will make him hand the baby to you and he still has to be body scanned. This is one of those perks to being a woman. 🙂

4. It doesn’t matter how many toys you bring, the most fun thing to do is open and close the tray on the seat in front of you. 

5. Family restrooms are the greatest invention ever. The ones in the Tampa airport are exquisite (as far as a bathroom goes). They are usually kind of hidden. You have to be a pro to find them.

6. Generally, old ladies will mention the fact that you didn’t put shoes on your child while traveling. Well, duh. Why would I want to try and keep track of 2 more small items while I’m running around an airport and a plane. 

7. The one time you don’t pack an extra outfit in the diaper bag is the one time you will need it.

8. After many experiments, I have decided that the aisle seat is the best to have if you are holding a baby.

9. No, you aren’t allowed to stow your child in the overhead bins.

10. Flight attendants love babies. Especially the kind that don’t cry.


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