Let’s try this again…


So, I’m going to try to resurrect this blog, yet again. Honestly, I just haven’t had any spare time to use on blogging.

It’s a busy life with this wild child I have. 🙂

But, I really miss blogging, so I’m going to try to make some time.

So, what is going on with the McPhersons?

– Mason will be 11 months on Thursday. (that’s almost 1 for anyone that was counting) I can’t even believe it!!

– Does the cleaning ever end? I feel like I’m on my feet at least 20 hours a day and it usually involves me cleaning up after this insane family. Our house isn’t even that big.

– I spend the other 4 hours of the day feeding Mason. The boy can eat. He refuses to eat baby food anymore, so I have to actually make him food. Don’t tell me that he gets his nutrients from a bottle, I am well aware of this. We have to get ready for that 1 year birthday though. Bye-bye formula!

– I can’t wait to get rid of formula.

– and bottles.

– Mason and I started Gymboree last week. Let’s just say he isn’t going to be a rocket scientist but he is going to be a beast on the sports field. 🙂

– Are all boys this crazy? Most people tell me that they are, but I’ve witnessed boys his age and I really think he is at a different level. I.am.worn.out.

– I wish I had some exciting news about Brent to write about, but he’s pretty much the most boring person I know. (don’t worry, I DO love him anyway)

– I guess I don’t really have anything exciting to write about myself either. That’s probably why we work so well together- we’re nice and boring. Mason is our only source of excitement or news in this family. 🙂

– You may be wondering about Doby and Lola. Yes, they are still alive. I’m not sure how- between Mason tackling them all the time and my constant (empty) threats to lock them outside on the stairs.

That’s about all for now.

Enjoy your day!!


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  1. So happy you are back! I will read your blog. . . If you choose to continue!

    Brandon and I are boring too. Don’t worry =)

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