30 days of Thankful


For the month of November I’m going to let you know what I’m thankful for. And you should let me know too. We are all blessed more than we even realize and I always think it’s nice to put it down on paper… or blog world… what those specific items are.

I’m not going in any specific order so don’t think that I’m more thankful for new shoes than I am for Mason. 🙂


Day 1: My friends and family.

Well, duh, on that one. 🙂

Here’s my story.

My fridge is covered in pictures of, well, anyone that sends me a picture. If you send me a Christmas card or wedding invitation with a picture on it, I will put it on my fridge and I won’t take it off until you send me a new one. (I have lost a few in different moves)

Brent gets really mad about it. Not mad for real, he just doesn’t understand leaving wedding invitations from a year ago on the fridge. I just really enjoy that every time I go in the kitchen I see a bunch of smiling faces of people I love.

So for day #1, I’m thankful for that.


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