It’s just another manic Monday


On Monday’s, we usually go to storytime at the library. Today, we opted to just hang out at home. We’ve been nonstop all weekend and Mason voted that we just relax for a day. It was a great decision. We caught up on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, ate a good breakfast and even split mommy’s lip open. 🙂

Speaking of weekends, I hope everyone had an excellent one. Brent and I had not one, but two nights out with no baby, we went to a beautiful wedding, and we had a great Sunday with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Oh! and we did the pumpkin patch on Friday. We still haven’t carved it yet. I’ve actually never carved a pumpkin and Brent isn’t really sure that he’s ever done it as an adult. But it’s on our “fall bucket list” so it must be done! Mason is pretty stoked about it, too. I’m sure the pictures will be great so be looking for those.

Mason is also doing this new thing where anytime you look at him and laugh, he’ll just start laughing too. It really makes me laugh. It’s just a laugh factory in here. It works every single time. The more ridiculous the laugh, the better.

That’s about it. Enjoy your week and don’t forget to smile!

Trying to get Mickey Mouse out of the toy box


Doby isn't extremely helpful

Chewing on Lola- my poor pups

Someone got caught


Enjoy your Monday!


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