Don’t wanna miss a thing


Recently, I’ve noticed that I don’t take as many pictures of Mason. When he was first born I carried my camera in the diaper bag. Now, I find that I hardly even get the camera out. Just an iPhone snap here and there.

I guess it’s because we haven’t been doing anything super exciting lately. We’re just living life. Playing on a stack of blankets in the middle of the living room. Folding the huge pile of laundry on the bed.

But it occurred to me a few days ago- those are things I want to always remember. Those things are picture-worthy.

I guess it just made me realize that it’s ok to slow life down and just live it. Enjoy the “do nothing” days, they are few and far between. I need to enjoy Mason at this age and enjoy my life at this moment that I’m in now instead of just living for the future.

The everyday is just as worthy of being remembered as the big events.


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