Please explain this to me…


It took longer than we had hoped, but (fingers crossed) Mason has been sleeping through the night. Well sometimes all the way through the night, but sometimes up at 5:30ish to have a snack and then back to sleep, so I don’t count that as “up”.

Anyway, “yay” for that. BUT why do I struggle getting up in the morning so much more now?

Mason will be in his room ready to go at 7:30 and I feel like I got hit by a truck during the night. Brent and I have even been crashing at about 10 each night.

So why is it that now that I’m getting a full night’s sleep I’m about 30 times more tired during the day than when I was getting about zero sleep each night?

I’ve even been taking naps…

I never take naps. Not even when Mason was just born.

Just another mystery of parenthood I suppose.


Also, Mason is 6 months old today. Not sure how this is possible since he was just born last week.

Riddle me that…


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  1. I feel the same way! Granted David and I are bad about getting to bed early [trying to get better at that] but I am tired all the time and Wyatt has been sleeping through the night for over a year now! Maybe it’s because when you are still waking up constantly to feed or soothe them you are in this constant “go” state of mind…and maybe a bit delirious as well :). Lets do dinner soon! David and I have been talking about that we want to have you two over, maybe later this week or weekend?

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