Everybody Loves Brent


I have often said that my life is like the show “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I’m sure we all feel that way sometimes.

Nothing tops last night, though.

Brent and I had an impromptu night alone. My in-laws took Mason to see a football game at the spur of the moment. So, Brent and I decided we would go out to eat. We were pretty excited that we would be able to eat and not have to worry about who is feeding Mason and making sure he isn’t screaming in the restaurant and picking up his toys. You know, all those fun things that go along with eating out with a baby.

Brent and  I were sitting there, not talking, when it dawned on me. How many of you have seen the episode where Debra and Ray go out to eat on their anniversary and they’re talking about the kids and then they decide that they should talk about other things. Then they sit there in silence for a few minutes and Ray starts talking about the temperature of the butter.

That was Brent and me last night. We talked about Mason, we talked about how it was nice to eat without him, we said that we missed him. Then we essentially talked about the temperature of the butter. 🙂

Brent and I were cracking up. We managed to eat dinner and leave in about 35 minutes. I don’t think we’ve had a meal that fast in a long time.

We did enjoy our night without Mason- after dinner we went to Toys R Us and then rented a carpet cleaner.

We live large.


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