Some random thoughts for the day.


My birthday is in 10 days. You can email me for where to send gifts. 🙂

Mason’s 4 month doctor’s appointment will be on August 23rd. That’s the day he’ll be 5 months. Better late than never, right? (gotta love those school physicals taking up all the doc’s time)

Mason currently refuses to take a nap. I know he is tired. Luckily with the tv on and his door shut I can’t really hear him.

That reminds me- we finally got Mason to sleep in his crib on a regular basis. No more swing. Yay!

Everyone keeps complaining about the heat, but I have not complained about it. Have we all forgotten how horrible the winter was??? I would much rather be a little sweaty then freezing my booty off. Thank you for the summertime!

Mason and I went to storytime at the library this week. He was pretty into it. Storytime has changed quite a  bit since I was little. They pretty much just sing a lot. I don’t even thing we actually read a book. Anyone remember the song with the hands? “open them, shut them, open them, shut them, sit them in your lap” They don’t sing that anymore. Or maybe it is just a Florida thing.

My dogs like the eat all of Mason’s teethers. Mason likes throwing them on the floor for the puppies to get. It’s 3 against 1 around here and my patience is running low.

I rearranged my living room this week. I put the love seat in Mason’s room. I really like it. Today, I saw an article about how the new trendy thing to do is to put a love seat in your nursery. I love being ahead of the times. 🙂

I think Mason finally went to sleep.

Time for me to do the same. 🙂


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