I’ve lost my dog


Most of you know that I have two puppies- Doby and Lola. Our puppies have always been like our babies. They sleep in the bed with us, we carry them around the house baby-style, they’re super spoiled.

Well, now we have a real, human baby.

Before Mason got here, we were kind of worried about how the pups would react. Lola has always been a lover so we didn’t worry about her too much, but Doby is a very jealous dog. He gets mad when Brent and I hug each other. Everyone has been asking us how the puppies are reacting to the baby. I must say- it isn’t like we expected.

Doby is OBSESSED with Mason. He wants to lay next to him and be in the same room as him. Doby is Mason’s little protector. He only gets mad at Mason because Mason can’t snuggle him properly. It’s pretty hysterical watching Doby try to get Mason to pet him.

Lola wants nothing to do with him. She mostly just ignores his existence.

So, I’ve lost my puppy to my son already. And he’s only a month old. I knew that one day the puppies would probably leave us for Mason, but who knew it would be so soon. I’m pretty sure if Doby could figure out how to get in Mason’s crib, he would sleep with him instead of us.

In fact, Mason is in the other room “crying it out” (I needed a 10 minute break for my mental sanity) and Doby is walking back and forth letting me know what is going on. Doby is pretty mad that I haven’t done anything about it yet.

…Lola is just passed out on her bed…


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