Now, I know that every baby has their “blowouts” but the one that happened in the McPherson house yesterday is one for the books.

First, let me set it up for you.

Mason had been sleeping in his swing for a couple of hours. I knew he would be waking up around 12 to eat and we had to be at the doctor’s at 12:50. I had his change of clothes all laid out and everything ready to go so I could feed and change him and get out the door in time for the doctor’s.

So, on cue, Mason wakes up at 12 and is hungry. I go to pick him up from his swing and feel something wet. Poop. Everywhere. Yuck.

After my initial shock that my hands were covered in poop, I picked him up and went to the changing table to assess the situation.

Poop was all over him. I took of his onesie and his diaper and open the box of wipes. Of course, there were only 2 in there. There is no way that’s going to cut it. While I’m trying to figure out what to do, I hear something and I knew what it was…

more poop.

I look down and more poop is shooting out of my small child. Not running… SHOOTING. It gets all over his clean clothes I had laying out, all over the table, all over the floor. Just everywhere.

I think a demon came out.

I decided a quick bath was the best option at this point. After getting poop all over the bathroom, I get him cleaned up. When I get back in his room to discover Lola, our pug, licking up the poop off the floor.


Then, in my rush to get out of the house to make it to the doctor’s, the puppies pooped in my room.

So, I left my house with poop everywhere… literally.

And all of that before 12:30.


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