Yikes spikes


This has been my first week home alone with Mason. The first week of a real routine. The first week that I realized how much work an infant really is.

I’m exhausted.

I thought I was going to be able to do everything myself.

I was wrong.

I didn’t realize how easy the past 3 weeks have been with my mom and dad around to help.

This week, Mason decided that he hated his sleeping, he hated his swing, and he demands that you hold him at all times.

This makes Tweeting difficult. And that is a problem. It also makes things like showering difficult…

…or just going to the bathroom in general.

Luckily, if you shut the door to his room, you can’t hear him screaming while you take a shower. Showers are a must. That’s the only way to get going in the morning.

Today we are going to adventure out to the doctor. Thankfully, he decided to sleep this morning so I’ve been able to get myself together and look presentable Of course, it’s a downpour outside, so looking put together isn’t really going to last once I step outside. 🙂

On another note, having a child has made my brain melt. Yes, melt.

I used to be smart and witty. The other night at dinner, I couldn’t figure out what the tip was on our check. I’m hoping that my brain regains its strength soon. I may take a math class at the community college just to test myself and see if it will all come back to me.

Yes, I’m that desperate.

I’m not even that funny anymore.

Actually… I’m still hilarious… in my own mind. 🙂

Oh- there’s a baby screaming! Gotta go!


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  1. I love this! It reminds me so much of myself those first few weeks…and now as well. It’s strange because it’s a different type of difficulty…one that no one really understands until they do it (especially the husbands haha). Things will get easier though I promise…seriously call me if you have ANY questions. Since I was there not too long ago at all, I can remember it very well. We are planning on bringing you guys dinner soon but I have been trying to shake this cold and I don’t want to get Mason sick!

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