You live, you learn


Two and half years ago I married someone with a hidden secret.

It wasn’t really a secret. It was just something I never knew about him.

His obsession with basketball shoes.

I’m talking duffel bags full of basketball shoes.

So, being the good wife that I am, I have misplaced the bags of shoes in our recent move to Tennessee. (it really wasn’t on purpose and I have looked for them)

Anyway, he still had a couple of pair that he kept out and actually wears. (A couple out of the 50 pairs he owns) Well, a couple of months ago, in a cut-throat men’s league basketball game, his favorite pair broke.

My natural reaction was to say, “well at least you have plenty of other pairs.” But this was his favorite pair. So, since he was being a Mopey McMoperson, I told him to buy another pair.

Well guess what. You can’t buy them anymore. He’s had them since high school. (who still has sneakers they had in high school??)

These are the shoes:

So, being the great wife that I am I looked for them all over eBay. This is a better accomplishment than you think. First, I had to touch his nasty, old, smelly shoe and figure out what the name of it was. That took awhile. It doesn’t just say “Nike Air Jordan Retro III” or whatever on them.  Then, I had to search all over eBay and find them. Then, I had to pick myself up off the floor when I found out they were over $300 to replace!

I’m not even exaggerating.

So, I promptly called Brent and told him that I never want to hear another complaint about my purse addiction, when he is wearing $300 sneakers.

Needless to say, he didn’t get a pair.

Well, life being what it is, Mr. Jordan has decided to re-release these shoes (at much less than $300). What are the chances?

They came out today.

I originally offered to go with Brent first thing in the morning and get them. I figure it would be like waiting to get Furby (weren’t those horrible) or Beanie Babies. He didn’t really ever seem too up to it.

So, I’ve been calling all day to track down his size somewhere in town.

And I found them. You can just refer to me from now on as “Wife of the Year”.


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