So- life has been insane lately. I feel like I say that a lot in the past few months, but it’s the truth. The past few months have been insane. I think it’s going to start settling down for now. (I’m sure only to get crazy again!) Anyway, I know it’s settling down because I had time to bake today. I haven’t baked from scratch since we moved from Florida. In fact, I think I’m out of practice. I just pulled some cupcakes out of the oven and I think I overcooked them. yay…

For those of you that want to know, here’s an update on our life right now.

– We find out the sex of the baby on November 18! Everything is looking good so far. 🙂

– Brent has his first closing this month! He only had the listing for like 8 days and he got a contract put on it. He rocks!

– We’re going to the Auburn/ Georgia game on November 13th with mom and dad and Daniel. I can’t wait!! I’ve never been to a college football game. This should be a good one. Don’t be too jealous of me.

– The weather in Tennessee is insane. It’s cold one day and hot the next. The other day it was hotter here than it was in South Florida. Because of this, I have been having sinus problems for the past 3 weeks. I am not happy about this situation.

– Our house still isn’t unpacked. Not even close. We’ve been here for 3 or 4 weeks. We still have to dig through boxes to find stuff. Of course, Brent had the tvs unpacked and the cable and internet hooked up the same day we moved in. I should be working on unpacking now, but I wanted to bake and then blog. So, I just did what I wanted to do for once instead of what I should do. Try it out every once in a while.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ve got to go try these cupcakes and see if they’re worth icing. 🙂


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