So- I’ve been in Nashville for a couple of days now and I haven’t died yet. In fact, I may have even had some fun…maybe. But if I had to say what I missed the most about Florida right now it would be Tropical Smoothie. You may or may not have been there. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. They have delicious smoothies and wraps. And as a pregnant lady that pretty much wants to live off of smoothies, you can see why this is a big issue to me.

You see, in Nashville they have Smoothie King. Don’t get me wrong, the Smoothie King is great. In fact, up to about 2 months ago I would have told you the King made my favorite smoothies. But now, Tropical Smoothie has blown Smoothie King out of the water. Just in time for me to move away to Nashville and be Tropical Smoothie deprived.

As you can see, I’m now in quite a dilemma. Let’s all hope for it to work out. Maybe I can just move on to a new craving and leave the smoothies behind for a while.

I have to go. Lola is napping and is getting annoyed at my typing. She’s a priss.

P.S.- 12 days until my birthday. You can email me for an address to send my presents to. 🙂


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  1. Hi Sweetheart.
    Glad to see you are not in total depression, who would be Brent is there as a knight in shining armor and on the white horse. Was very glad to see you got there safe. Enjoy and I know you will find other craving you want like picles and icecream and what ever.
    Love You and Brent keep us informed. Pete

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