The Unicorn


If you’ve been to our house, especially before we had our lovely entertainment center in place, you may know about our unicorn.

Yes- we have a unicorn.

You see, the house we live in was a child of the eighties. Apparently, I guess, supposedly, unicorns must have been the “it” thing to have hanging in your house. In mirror form, no less.

Well, this weekend we took the unicorn down. I wanted to keep it in one piece and put it in the youth room at church for a gift for them when they returned from their mission trip. That would have been really nice.

But Brent and his mom destroyed it…

Wearing my designer sunglasses…

They now have a big scratch on the lens. Right where my eye is.

I forgot to take a before picture of the unicorn. You aren’t missing out on too much if you haven’t seen it, though.

I am sad to see it go. I always thought he was a guardian unicorn. Who knows what will happen to us now!


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