School stinks


Some of you may know and some of you may not know that I am still finishing up my degree. I take all online classes at FAU. I should be done in December.

December can’t get here soon enough.

This week, I’ve had 3 tests and a huge paper to work on. Hence, the lack of posts this week.

Many of you also know from this post that I am quite the procrastinator.

Therefore, not only have I been working on these tests and papers, I have been rushing to work on them because I waited until the last-minute.

Actually, only 1 test is done. I’m still pushing off the other items. But I have been busy thinking about working on them.

It’s amazing that I’ve made it this far in my school career.

Back to my original topic. (I don’t think I ever started my original topic. I’m going to start now.)

I really hate school. I always have. The only fun of school is the interaction with other people and once you go to online school, all the fun is sucked out. Oh, and the school supplies are really fun, too, but once again, online school ruins that.

So online school is the pits. It’s torture every week for me to sit there and work on stuff. I do the bare minimum to keep my grades up and that’s it. Underprivileged children everywhere would hate me. My dad will hate me when he reads this (he still pays for my education- thanks, dad!).

But, only 1.5 semesters to go. I just can’t wait. I’ll have a degree and I’ll be dunzo. I used to want to get my Master’s Degree, but I don’t think I can take the torture for 2 more years. Being married, working full-time, and having the tow rowdiest puppies on earth make full-time school hard enough. When you throw in my angst towards school… well, you get the picture.

Anyway, everyone pray that I (and Brent) survive. The end is in sight!


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