The Knives


So you may remember from this post and this post that I have had a little bit of trouble adjusting to my wonderful new knife set. Well, the knives have struck again.

*Warning: This picture may gross you out… sorry.*

Yea- Did that with one of the huge butcher’s knives.

Just so you know- I’m not incompetent with knives. I’m just always in a hurry. If I have time, I can slice and dice beautifully. But I never have time. I live my life in a constant state of lateness.

The story is: I was cutting up chicken for a lovely poppy seed chicken casserole last night. (It was yummy) I had planned to have dinner ready at 6:00 but soon after starting to boil my chicken, I realized I had no poppy seeds. I KNOW I had poppy seeds. I decided to blame my lack of poppy seeds on my mother-in-law. She reorganized my cabinets when she came down to redo our bathroom. What reorganizing has to do with missing poppy seeds, I don’t know, but that is what I have decided to do.

Back to the story-

So, in my moment of poppy seed crisis I decided to boil the chicken and let it cool down while I ran to the grocery store. We live like 1.6 minutes from the grocery. Also, the grocery was out of my normal brand of poppy seeds so I had to search for a different kind. Then all of the lines were long.

Once I made it home I grabbed one of my brand new knives and went to town cutting up the chicken. It was then, in my rushing that I sliced my thumb open. (It’s the same thumb as last time, too. Maybe my thumb doesn’t receive the messages that brain sends it fast enough and that’s why it keeps getting sliced off.) I actually cut through my thumbnail. It didn’t hurt that bad then, but it hurts A LOT now.

Just so you know, trying to cut chicken with no extra thumb is difficult.

Also, I did not get blood on the chicken. I quickly wrapped my thumb in a dishrag (it was clean, don’t want any infections) and continued to slice.

Dinner was actually ready at 6:20. Only 20 minutes off my projected time. Not to bad if you ask me. And it was delicious. 🙂

I asked my little brother who is trained in first aid what his thought was on my thumb. He informed me to clean it with alcohol (not the drinking kind) and put a band-aid on it. Not the answer I wanted to hear. So far, I have just been keeping band-aids on it. I know I need to clean it, but that sounds painful. So, if you see me in a few months and I am missing the tip of my thumb, you’ll know why.

I really think I need stitches.

Or at least a prize.

Yes- a prize to take away the pain. Great idea. You can email for my address to send my prize to.

FYI- I don’t really think I need stitches. In fact, I probably wouldn’t get them even if I did. I had them in my knee after my knee surgery and getting them out was awful.

I also don’t like hospitals, doctors, or needles. All necessary for stitches.

Guess I won’t be getting a manicure this weekend…


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  1. Being the efficient mother I am, of the efficient writer of this article, I have already delivered not one but TWO prizes to my daughter. The rest of you need to get to steppin! LOL

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