Some days, I sit here at my computer forever and try to think of something to blog about. I don’t have to blog, but I always feel like I need to every couple of days. I know you guys can’t make it through life without me. I’m the highlight of your day. 🙂 Today is one of those days. I’ve had a new post screen open for about 2.5 hours now.

I don’t really have “writer’s block”, sometimes the things that I want to write about, I can’t write because it’s going to get me in trouble. I can talk about them eventually, just not yet. So you’ll have to keep coming back to hear more. (See how I’ve hooked you now? 🙂 I need to be a suspense novelist)

The thing is, I’m not a good secret keeper. Well, let me rephrase. I can keep other people’s secrets really well. I’m a great other-people’s-secrets-keeper. I’m a really bad my own secrets keeper. I just like everyone to know what’s going on in my life. Brent really loves it.

I will tell you this… I’m getting my baking business going. I’ve started formatting my blog for it and I’ll let you guys know what it is when I get it going. So, if you need any sweet treats, let me know. 🙂 I have a killer sugar cookie recipe. Seriously, you’ll eat so many they’ll kill ya. And my white velvet cupcakes are superb (if you ask me).

I’ll probably think of something important to write soon after posting this (that’s usually how it works for me), so check back later today.



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