So- we made it to Nashville alive with the puppies. They were actually really good. In an unexpected turn of events, we decided to leave Tuesday night… at 11:30p.m. Yes, you read that right. At about 11 Brent said, “Let’s just leave tonight” so I finished up my homework and we headed out. We just took shifts napping in the back seat with the pups.

Anyway, we’re here for some friends’ wedding… Wes & Marcy or Mes & Warcy as I keep saying. What… a tongue twister. I’m excited to see everyone and I think Brent is too. Being up here sure makes us miss not getting to see all of our old friends all the time. It’s also not as hot. In fact, I just sat outside for about 15 minutes and I didn’t sweat at all. It’s a miracle. 🙂 The pups are loving getting to run around in the back yard, too.

Oh yea… Brent backed my car into a fence post last night. I think that’s one point for all the female drivers in the world. He just plowed right into it. Never slowed down. The damage is hardly noticeable, but I act like it’s the end of the world. He deserves it. I think I can finally take claim of the “Best Driver” in our house award. Not that I didn’t already own it, but now he can’t argue with me.

Alright, I have to be going. Just wanted to let you all know I wasn’t dead. And neither is Brent…yet.


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