Snakes, Racoons, and Birdies.


Let me start by apologizing for not blogging for the past month. Seriously, I am sorry. Not that anyone cared that I was gone, but I should blog for my personal health if nothing else.

I have had two run-ins with a couple of South Florida’s wildlife over the past two days, and I would like to share them with you.

The first happened at the house that I am managing (and hopefully selling) in The Ritz Carlton. I was walking through the gate just as I do several times every week, and as I unlocked the front door, I noticed something in front of me as the alarm was going off. It was a red coral snake that had nestled up under the door and was blocking my entrance into the house. Hearing the alarm going off and knowing that I had no choice, I courageously leaped over the deadly reptile and turned the alarm off. Oh yea, I forgot to mention how much I hate snakes. I am really scared of them, and they make me sick to my stomach. That said, I grabbed the nearest “weapon” to defend “my” house which happened to be a small broom. I swept the snake out into the driveway at which time the snake coiled up and tried to strike me. I swung the broom at it violently until i chase it into the grass. I then courageously sprinted inside and locked the door. White Mamba-1, Coral Snake-0! Boom.

The second incident happened this evening at Abacoa Golf Club where I was in the midst of one of my best rounds of golf in recent memory. Unfortunately, until the 15th hole, I had no company or witnesses to share this memorable round with. As I pulled up to the tee box, I noticed a friendly racoon guarding the tee. He looked harmless, so I got out and grabbed my 9 iron, at which time the racoon jumped in my cart. I yelled at him, so he ran a few yards away. I decided to give him my crackers because he looked hungry, and I thought this would buy me some time to hit my shot. It worked, and I hit my shot to 3 feet. I jumped into the cart, waved to my new friend, and sank a birdie which would end up being the start of my birdie hat trick (that’s 3 in row for those of you who aren’t up to speed on sporting lingo). 6 birdies total on the day, and a great round witnessed by no one except a racoon.

For those wondering, I boycotted National Flip Flop Day.


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