Opposites do not attract


I just have to tell you that I typed in “attrackt”. It’s been a long week…

Now on for the real reason of this post. I’ve been thinking (for about 2 minutes now. If I don’t blog when I think about it, I’ll forget what I wanted to say.”) of all the things Brent and I have in common. People say opposites attract and that is false. Opposites do not attract. You will most likely marry someone who is more similar to you than not. Now, not everything is similar, but I’m going to say a majority is.

Here is a list of things B-mac-attack and I have in common:

  • We like to play with tags on shirts.
  • We have great style. (I’m still better, though)
  • We are always serious all of the time.
  • We enjoy saying ridiculous things to see how people will react. (That’s probably my favorite)
  • We enjoy people watching.
  • We went to FHU.
  • We think I’m the coolest person in the world. (Didn’t confirm this with Brent.)
  • We  wanted the Lakers to win.
  • We like Starbucks… a lot.
  • We both got married in July.
  • We were both born in Tennessee.
  • We live in the same house.
  • We grew up in the church.
  • We like a lot of the same music & tv shows.
  • We  have younger brothers.
  • We get our hair done at the same place.
  • We have AT&T phones.
  • We’re both golf pros. (That’s a lie, but we both own golf clubs.)

I could go on like this all day…

Here are things we do NOT have in common…

  • Brent likes weird food, I do not. I have the diet of a 5-year-old.
  • Brent thinks he is a good driver. I do not think Brent is a good driver.
  • Brent is hairy, I am not.
  • Brent likes to watch basketball, I do not.
  • Brent’s birthday is in January and mine is in August.
  • Brent has a good memory, I do not.
  • Brent is done with school, I will never be done with school…*sigh*
  • Brent is a caffeine addict, I am not.
  • I love flip-flops, Brent does not.
  • Brent is smelly, I am not.

I’m sure everyone can see my point. 🙂


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