I have to warn you, this post may offend some. If you are offended, then good, the post was meant for you.* 🙂

It has been made known to me that apparently it is World Cup time. If you didn’t know, this is a bunch of soccer matches around the world between the different countries.

1. Notice I said soccer. Soccer ≠ Football. If you call the sport of soccer, “football” that is un-American. The end.

2. If you do take the time to watch such a boring and un-American sport as soccer, you better at least root for America. If you don’t, this is also un-American. Whatever country you are rooting for is the country you need to go and live in.

3. Soccer does not even make sense. There isn’t always a winner. A tie? Give me a break. Ties are cop-outs. What are they going to do, just give first place trophies to everyone? If ties are acceptable, then they might as well not play. That way everyone could just be tied at “0” and everyone would be champions.

That’s all I have to say about that.

*Note: If you are truly offended by this, I’m sorry you are offended, I’m not sorry I said it, though, because it’s funny. And that’s all it is…funny. Not serious.

**Another note: I don’t really care about soccer at all…

*** Per Casey’s comment, I know that some of my facts are incorrect. I knew some were wrong before I wrote them, but I wrote it anyway. It made it more funny and ridiculous.


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  1. *Note: If you are truly offended by this, I’m sorry you are offended, I’m not sorry I said it, though, because it’s funny. And that’s all it is…funny. Not serious.

    I will point out your errors in the same way you wrote this (in a non-serious way) because I am not offended 🙂 :

    1. Ties only happen in games that are not elimination games. If it is an elimination game, they play 30 extra minutes and then they have a shootout like hockey. If you recall which you probably don’t :), there was a tie in American football a year ago with the Philadelphia Eagles and some other team. If they don’t score in overtime, it ends in a tie. Same thing with many other sports.

    2. I agree with you. It is soccer in America, so people should not be offended when it is called soccer. BUT…It actually makes more sense to call it football, since it is played entirely with the feet besides the goalkeeper. Why is American football called that when it is almost played entirely with the hands? It makes less sense for it to be called football.

    3. World Cup is only played in ONE country every four years sort of like the Olympics, not in several countries.

    4. I root for America first until they are eliminated, and then I root for Italy since my family is from their originally.

    • Casey-
      1. I knew they didn’t really end in ties for the big games. I never heard of a tie in any other sport. Thank you for the enlightenment. Since, I don’t care for football either, I did not know about the Eagles. Now I know and now I will do a shout out against football when the season comes.
      2. I also agree that it makes more sense for it to be called footbal. But since I’m and American and someone already named football before soccor was popular over here, I will side with my country.
      3. I don’t really know anything about the World Cup. I just make it up as I go. No actual research is done on this blog.
      4. I will allow this, but only because you have a legitimate reason. You are welcome to remain in America.


  2. hahaha. i very much agree with points one and two. i get casey’s point on the tie issue. however, i think any sport where the score ends up 0-0 or 1-1, is super dumb and boring. therefore, overall, I agree with your sentiments, Lindsey.

    • Yes Jacqui, because we all know “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” is real television. USA played on ABC when those would have been on the other day 🙂

  3. Oh, Casey, sorry about that. I didn’t know the time becuase some of us work everyday during that time and wouldn’t know anthing about those shows or soccer during business hours. 🙂

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