This is not important…


I just wanted to tell everyone that I fried something yesterday. Yes- fried. I have never done this before, but just so you know, it’s really easy. Except when the oil jumps up and bites your hand. I made fried zucchini and mozzarella sticks. They were good.

The end.

I’ve also called you here for another reason. I watched Dear John last night. I mean, give me a break. Do they get back together in the end, or what? Ridiculous. Now I have to read the book.

On another note, Brent’s friend, Mark, is coming tonight. They have been like little girls planning their days out on the phone. It’s pretty funny. I’m interested to see how this goes since Mark has said all of 10 words to me… ever. I’ve been working on some conversation starters. This is what I have so far: “Hey Mark! How ya doin?” I probably need to keep thinking…


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  1. Okay so Dear John, I bet they don’t get back together since an actual Dear John letter is to break up with a guy in the military…. Just a thought though.

    Ask Mark what his favorite cake is and bake him a cake… maybe he will talk to you more… LOL, just be yourself… i’m sure he will talk a lot more by the end of his stay

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