The Flip-Flop Debacle


Since Brent has lost us half of our followers with his arrogance and large ego, I’m going to attempt to mend some fences.

First things first, if you take anything we say on this blog seriously, you have a problem.

Second, flip-flops are great- for boys and girls. If you live in south Florida and never wear flip-flops, there is probably something wrong with you. If you don’t know how to walk in flip-flops, practice makes perfect. Flip flops are a summer wardrobe stable.

Third, Brent used to wear Birkenstocks. Enough said.

Fourthly, Brent thinks he is better than everyone when he has drivers on. Newsflash: He isn’t. His feet are hot and he looks like he thinks he is better than everyone.

Fifth (do you say “fifth” or ‘fith”?), Brent is going to get mad at me for this post. He has a lot of trouble accepting when he is wrong. hehe. 🙂

Anyway, forgive Brent (even though he didn’t ask for it, nor does it he want it) for causing this flip-flop uproar. He can’t help that he isn’t as cool as us flip-flop wearers. If he has greatly offended you, you can just skip his posts from now on and only read mine. I’m the funny one anyway.


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