I Would Like to Apologize…


Let me start by saying that I am sorry to anyone who has been offended by my posts. Listed below are some other things that I am sorry for regarding this blog and the recent events in my life:

1. I’m sorry for saying flip-flops aren’t stylish.

2. I’m sorry for hating on square toe shoes.

3. I’m sorry for wearing polos, basketball shorts, and expensive loafers.

4. I’m sorry for being good at basketball.

5. I’m sorry for drinking so much Starbucks coffee.

6. I’m sorry for getting to go to the Masters and you not getting to go to the Masters.

7. I’m sorry for calling G.W. a lame duck.

8. I’m sorry for having better style than you.

9. I’m sorry I don’t work in retail anymore. (No offense to those that work in retail. It treated me well for 2 years)

10. I’m sorry that I am the best husband ever since the invention of husbands.

If you believe that I am truly sorry for all these things, then call me because I have some great ocean front property for sale in Idaho.


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