I Hate Flip-Flops


I have not blogged in several days, and to those that enjoy/tolerate my posts, I apologize. I have had a lot going on this week (i.e. real estate, tv, golf, etc.) and  have not had the time to bless everyone with my knowledge (sarcastic voice). That being said, I have just found the inspiration that I needed for my next post. So here it goes:

I hate flip-flops. This isn’t a recent discovery that I have made, but one that I made a few years ago when I moved to Florida. This may seem ironic since it took moving to one of the hottest places in the country for me to realize my new-found hate. And my wife Lindsey is a big flip-flop and sandal wearer, but they just don’t do it for me, because of several reasons:

1. They’re noisy.

2. It is a chore to walk in them. I can’t keep them on my feet without thinking about it. I am too good of an athlete to have to put serious thought into casual walking.

3. They don’t have enough support for me.

4. I like loafers.

5. I can’t drive in them.

I am by no means saying that in order to be cool in the eyes of Brent, one must discontinue wearing flip-flops, and I most certainly do not want the female population to not wear flip-flops and sandals because they are actually stylish for girls. But let’s not kid ourselves: guys in flip-flops is not a stylish look in any form. Again, I am not saying that I think all guys should throw out their flip-flops. There is even a time for me to wear them (one week out of the year when going to the pool on the cruise ship and trips to the beach when I’m not driving).

So you may be wondering, what I wear instead of flip-flops and sandals. Valid question. I wear drivers and loafers. Yes, I have very nice drivers and loafers that I wear with basketball shorts and t-shirts. I will not argue that this looks good (although it does look good), but I am much more comfortable and not a threat to my fellow South Floridians when I’m behind the wheel. I also enjoy wearing $400 shoes (don’t worry, I didn’t pay that much) with basketball shorts just to see the looks I get from people and because Lindsey hates when I do it (added bonus).

If this post has enlightened you or made you wonder if you wear flip-flops too much, then you probably do. Try substituting the flip-flops out every now and then when you wear shorts or jeans casually with some drivers or boat shoes and see how you like the look. I promise everyone else will like it better.

Please feel free to express your likes or dislikes with this post to. If you took offense to this post, then please respond with an angry comment, and I’ll respond by telling you how much better I dress than you do. I don’t care if you like me, if it makes you not wear flip-flops everyday.

Thank you for putting up with this blog.


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  1. I won’t argue that flip-flops are classic men’s footwear in the Brooks Brothers sense, however, as someone that never wore flip-flops until he moved to Florida, I love my J & M Reshas. Tommy Bahama also makes some nice ones. By the way I wear sandals. Flip-Flops are what athletes wear in the locker room.

    Enjoyed your blog, hope you guys are well.

  2. Stu-
    Thanks for reading and commenting! You pull off sandals well! Hope you are doing good. I am coming by to see you soon.

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