All you need is love


I think it’s time for a serious post today… well, sorta. I’m not a very serious person.

Almost every morning on the way to work, I listen to the same morning radio talk show. For those of you who live down here, Wild 95.5. Sometimes, they are just being too annoying or disrespectful and I have to turn it off. Sometimes listeners email or call in for advice. Why you think 3 of the most ridiculous radio djs have the ability to counsel you is beyond me. This morning they were discussing divorce. This is the listener’s story:

His wife has a dog and he hates the dog. The dog is solely his wife’s dog. The dog doesn’t like him. It tries to bite him all the time and his wife just laughs and doesn’t do anything to stop it. (it is a little bit funny) He was getting up early to go to work and was getting ready in the dark so he didn’t wake up his wife (I wish Brent would figure this out) and he accidentally stepped on the dog and broke its leg. (yikes spikes!) The dog is usually up in its pen at night. The wife is demanding that the husband not only pay for the medical bills, but also pay her extra for her AND the dog’s pain and suffering. The wife and the husband have separate accounts. (big red flag) The husband refuses to pay and so the wife hired a lawyer and is suing her husband. He wants to know if this is grounds for divorce.

The djs went on to discuss that it would be ridiculous to divorce over that and the whole situation is ridiculous. (agreed) They also went on to discuss the craziest reasons people get divorced.

Laying my Christian beliefs aside, this is the stupidest story I’ve ever heard. First off, why do the husband and wife have separate accounts? From the start they aren’t a joined union. The two became one, people. Not to say you can’t have you own account, but there needs to be a sense of “our money”. Secondly (not sure if that’s a word), he broke the dog’s leg, just pay for it and be done. I wouldn’t pay for “pain and suffering”, but she probably just said that in the heat of the moment. Thirdly, this sounds like this argument happened in the land of no compromise. No one was willing to lose the fight. That’s how things like suing your husband happen. No one will just give in.

The djs discussed compromise and that it isn’t always about winning, but I think they failed to mention that the same person can’t always be the compromiser. I think people think that compromising is a one-way street and that’s why they feel like they “lose” the fight when they compromise. Really, compromising needs to go both ways. No one person should always give in, and no one person should always get their way. If you always get your way in a relationship, something is wrong.

If you know me at all, you know I hate being wrong and I hate not getting my way and I will fight you to the death and I must have the last word. Well, marriage has made me change. It isn’t always worth the fight and it’s exhausting to argue over everything. No one has the energy to do that. Sometimes, you just have to let stuff go and do things you don’t want to do. Sometimes, you even have to be wrong…

Just another day solving the world’s problems… you’re welcome.


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