Until I got married…


There are a lot of things that you don’t know about your spouse until you get married. Especially if you don’t live together before-hand. [Note: A new study shows that if you don’t live together before you get married, you are less likely to divorce.] I’m sure Brent discovered how lovely I am to live with after we got married. I bet he is amazed at how great I am. Him… not so much.

Things I wish I had been prepared for pre-wedding:

1. Hair- Brent is possibly the hairiest person I ever knew. He sheds like a dog. It is impossible to get all of the hair out of the bathroom. I probably should have known when I was staying at his parents’ and there was hair all over that bathroom.

2. Sharing of the computer- Brent is a computer hog. We have a desktop and a laptop. I am in school and most of my files are saved on the desktop, but one of my school things will only work on my laptop. Sometimes I need both so I can cheat on tests. (Shhhh…) Whichever one I need to use, that’s the one Brent will be on.

3. The bed- No. not what you’re thinking. Things like making the bed, sharing the bed, lining the pillows up in the correct order on the bed. Brent doesn’t see the significance. There is a reason we have blue pillows and yellow pillows and green pillows. They are pretty. They are to be lined up in this order- blue in the back, then yellow, then green. Brent doesn’t get it. Sometimes he even switches pillowcases to a non- blue, yellow, or green case which TOTALLY ruins everything.

4. Cleaning- I am by no means a neat freak. I’m probably the messier one in the relationship, but I do go through spurts where we need to deep clean the house. Brent doesn’t even know how to use a mop. I’m just going to say that when I’m a mom, my kids will know how to clean a house. That just isn’t fair to do to their future spouses.

There you go… things I wish I’d known about before I got married. Not that I wouldn’t have married Brent over them, I just like to be mentally prepared for things.

P.S.- I don’t really “cheat” on my tests. You are allowed to use your book and notes.

P.S.S.- Brent knows how to use a mop now. He still isn’t a very good cleaner, though.


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  1. You guys are too funny, love this topic, and I feel BOTh of your pains, cause Im sure Brent could come up with a similar list… know I could. Hollie is of course the neat freak and I sometimes switch things up to mess with her, too funny.

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