I drink my coffee through a straw.


I also have trouble saying “straw”- it comes out “strawl” most of the time. ( I also can’t say cinnamon- too many n’s and m’s)


I really like drinking through straws. Even if I’m dying of thirst, I’ll wait until the waiter comes back with my straw. I hate sipping. I drink everything through a straw- soda, water, tea, hot tea, but coffee is definitely the one that turns the most heads. I get my coffee from Starbucks and immediately pop a straw through that tiny hole. (there’s an art to it, the hole isn’t made for straws- it also says on the straws “Not for use in hot drinks”) (Also, use the green straws- the black one’s are too big, even for the venti cup)Every time I do it, I get weird looks. But since I am weird, it doesn’t bother me too much. Not sure what it is about the straws. Well I do know- I hate when things touch my lips. I’m sure you’ve all seen those people with food or drink on their lips. Not me. No milk mustache for me. So while I may look like a goober with a straw in my coffee, you are the one with yellow teeth and a milk mustache. 🙂

This pointless post was brought to you by: Lindsey!

P.S.- If you ever need a straw, you know who to come to. I keep backup supplies in my car… and desk…


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