Grocery shopping and cupcake liners


Without fail, I will never get everything I need while I’m at the grocery store. I always forget something- with or without a list. It’s ridiculous. It’s become a big joke between Brent and me. I will always have to send him back for something once I start cooking.

Last night, Brent and I went to the grocery store together. (So far I haven’t noticed anything that I forgot) I wanted to try out this new recipe for Chocolate Espresso cupcakes, so we got all the ingredients for those. I was so proud of myself. I didn’t prepare an elaborate list before I left, I just read the recipe off of my phone and wandered around the grocery store. I got home and was so excited to make my cupcakes. [Note: these cupcakes were not for me- I don’t like espresso that much- they were really for Brent] I got all of my stuff laid out with the appropriate measuring devices and spoons and bowls (quite an operation). Then…

“Step 1: Preheat oven to 350 and line mini-muffin pan with cupcake liners”

Guess what I own… a million cupcake liners. I love cupcake liners, I can’t help myself when I see them, I just scoop them up like they’re going out of style. Guess what I figured I owned, but I really don’t… MINI cupcake liners. Yea… so that sucked. I just used a regular cupcake pan instead, but that kind of defeated the whole recipe. A large espresso cupcake  is just too overwhelming. Plus I ended up with 15 cupcakes… such a random number. (If you don’t know, a cupcake pan is 12 slots, so I had to bake 3 more after those were done.)

Kitchen Supplies-1, Lindsey-0

P.S.- The cupcakes were good! 🙂


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